Livestock Studies 2002, Vol 42, Num, 2     (Pages: 001-017)

Freezing of Bull Semen with Different Extenders and In Vitro Evaluation

Ertuğrul BOZKURT 1 ,Necmettin TEKİN 1-2

1 Lalahan Hayvancılık Merkez Araştırma Enstitüsü, ANKARA
2 Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi, Dölerme ve Sun’i Tohumlama Anabilim Dalı, ANKARA
- In this research, effect of Biociphos, Laiciphos, Citrate and Tris diluents on spermatolojical characteristics of bull semen after extending and thawing were examined as in vitro. Semen samples (in all 20 ejaculates) were collected from 2 bulls and average semen volume (ml), sperm concentration (x106sp./ml), sperm motility (%), dead sperm (%), abnormal sperm (%) and pH value were determined as 7.12±0.42, 1083.00±63.50, 75.25±1.33, 18.95±1.01, 20.68±1.67 and 6.72±0.05 respectively.

The mean percentages of motile spermatozoa and pH values in semen diluted with Biociphos, Laiciphos, Citrate and Tris extenders were 60.89±2.66, 6.48±0.02; 63.30±1.25, 6.20±0.05; 45.72±1.97, 6.50±0.00 and 58.96±2.62, 6.50±0.03 respectively.

The mean motility (%) of frozen semen with Biociphos, Laiciphos, Citrate and Tris diluents were respectively 39.98±1.77, 43.60±2.06, 28.22±1.79 and 41.89±2.76 immediately after thawing and the percentage of dead, abnormal sperm and pH values in diluents were determined 52.00±2.87, 21.75±1.62 and 6.48±0.02; 46.00±2.86, 23.68±2.11 and 6.08±0.04; 62.40±2.62, 21.87±1.28 and 6.50±0.00; 49.35±3.57, 22.00±1.72 and 6.50±0.00 respectively.

In this study, although Laiciphos diluent was slightly superior to others according to in vitro results of motile sperm in bull semen after extending and thawing, no significant differences were determined statistically between Laiciphos, Tris and Biociphos diluents. Keywords : Bull semen, in vitro evaluation, semen diluents, semen freezing, semen thawing