Livestock Studies 2006, Vol 46, Num, 2     (Pages: 001-011)

Growth, Reproduction and Mohair Characteristics of Angora Goats of Different Origines Which Bred at Lalahan Livestock Research Institute


1 Tarım ve Köyisleri Bakanlığı, Teftiş Kurulu Başkanlığı, Ankara
2 Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Zootekni Ana Bilim Dalı, Ankara
- This study was carried out to compare growth, reproduction and mohair characteristics of Angora goats of different origines which bred at Lalahan Livestock Research Institute. Animal materials of the research were consisted of 35 female goats of Lalahan group and 36 goats of Eskisehir group. Eskisehir group was originited from USA Angora goat while Lalahan group was consisted of Turkish local Angora goat. The research was conducted between March 2001 and May 2002. Live weights of Lalahan and Eskisehir groups before mating were 34.48±0.44 and 39.64±0.66 kg (P<0,01), and corresponding valves after shearing were 37.11±0.16 and 43.65±0.80 kg (P<0.01). The duration of pregnancy of Lalahan and Eskisehir groups were 149.62±0.97 and 148.11±0.72 days and they were increased with age for each genotypes. The effects of genotype, age, sex and birth type on the pregnancy duration were not important. The survival rates of kids from Lalahan and Eskisehir groups were 94.28 and 100.00%, respectively. The least squares means for live weights of the kids of Lalahan and Eskisehir groups at birth, 45th, 90th, 120th, 180th and 360th days were 2.76±0.03 and 2.84±0.01 kg, 7.87±0.12 and 8.51±0.06 kg, 11.80±0.12 and 11.54±0.07 kg, 15.21±0.19 and 17.17±0.15 kg, 16.68±0.20 and 16.42±0.19 kg, 28.37±0.75 and 31.51±0.66 kg. The effects of genotype, age, sex and birth type were not important on the birth weight. Least squares means for mohair yield, fibre length, diameter, resistance, elasticity, kemp fibre rates of the mohair in Lalahan and Eskisehir groups were 2.80±0.13 and 3.42±0.17 kg (P<0.01), 65.93±4.62 and 63.93±3.75 mm (P<0.05), 37.70±1.40 and 38.25±1.03 μm, 10.37±0.83 and 11.34±0.64 (g/den), 37.43±1.71% and 38.13±1.21%, 0.65±0.17% and 0.44±0.11, 1.65±0.48% and 1.34±0.19, respectively. Mean values of mohair yield of the kids were 1.21±0.16 kg for Lalahan group and 1.53±0.10 kg for Eskisehir group at first age, and the effects of genotype (P<0.05) and age of dam (P<0.01) were important on the mohair yield. In conclusion; Eskisehir group was superior to Lalahan group in terms of live weights before mating and after shearing, reproduction and mohair yield of the goats, growth performance, survival rate and mohair yield of the kids; both groups had similar values in terms of fibre length, diameter, resistance, elasticity and the rates of kemp fiber. Keywords : Angora goat, growth, reproduction, survival rate, mohair traits